Expert Tips for Organizing and Decorating Your Home in 2021.

As we continue to spend more of our lives at home, each space is effectively becoming a larger part of our lives: our living room now doubles as a workout studio, our bedroom doubles as a home office, and our bathroom might double as a spa, hair salon, or brow studio. With life’s new dualities, home decor in 2021 is about bringing your unique tastes and interests to life, while balancing the functions each space can serve.

Luckily, innovations in technology and furniture design make it easier than ever to get the most out of your space. Think, a Murphy desk that folds seamlessly into the wall, a teeny table that turns your shower into a spa, and a sleek shower head that doubles as a wireless speaker.

Expert tips for organizing and decorating your home in 2021.

Yet, the real question RN is how to keep your home organized and looking its best. Which is why we put together this guide of expert tips on how to keep your home organized and sparkling in 2021. Not a natural organizer? Not to worry. According to Melanie Berliet, General Manager of home decor haven, The Spruce:

“Being a cleaner, more organized person is attainable for everyone.”

Melanie Berliet, At Home With Whit.

On Staying Home With Whit, Whitney Port and Melanie Berliet, shared tips and tricks for keeping your home cozy and organized.

3 Tips For Staying Organized At Home

  • For decluttering: Berliet recommends finding homes for the clutter that is bound to pile up throughout the day (I.e. find a designated place for car keys, wallet, jackets, etc.).  She notes that baskets, containers, and trays are great investable items. Want to go a step further?  Label your baskets and organize items (like bookshelves) by color. 
  • For cleaning: Section off your home and tackle one section at a time. Then build each section into your daily routine (I.e. clean the kitchen on Mondays and the living room on Tuesdays).
  • For self care: Try to make cleaning less of a chore and more of an enjoyable experience: light candles, listen to music, or (our favorite) listen to a podcast while you’re cleaning or organizing. Side note: We love these Supernatural cleaning products for making cleaning, dare we say, sexy. 

The simple thing that really causes mess?

When you use something and you don’t put it back.

The solution?

Build the muscle memory (a.k.a. habit) of putting things away in the moment.
expert guide to organizing your home

3 Ways To Elevate Your Home Decor

If you don’t have the time or desire to do a complete home overhaul, there are three essential elements of home decor you can focus on instead. With minor tweaks, these three elements can have a major impact in how you enjoy your home. So what are they? According to Berliet, the easiest ways to elevate your home are via light, paint, and art.

Light: Berliet recommends investing in good lighting fixtures, candles, and letting natural light in where possible: “Having a well lit home is a sure fire way to elevate your mood.

Paint: You can use paint to freshen up an all-over existing color, paint an accent wall, paint the inside of kitchen cabinets, or if you want to get really creative, paint an arch (or other scene) over your headboard.

Art: Berliet notes that: “Art is so much more accessible than it was I think a decade or two ago. I love Etsy for art, and I also love framing just personal things.”

Melanie Berliet, At Home With Whit.

How to make a small space feel less small:

  • Choose lighter, more neutral, color palettes;
  • Make sure the space is well lit;
  • Try to choose furniture with clean lines and minimal aesthetic;
  • Choose furniture that serves dual purposes (I.e. Murphy beds, desks, and chests);
  • Use open shelving to create the illusion of a more space.
the benefits of house plants in home decor

Should you invest in house plants?

Bringing greenery into your home may sound like a big commitment, but there are so many benefits, it’s probably worth the leap.

Berliet noted that: “Introducing plants and life into your indoor space is so important. It’s been proven to have positive effects on helping people cope with depression and anxiety and cold weather.” She followed that “Plant’s are an instant reminder of nature…so, I can’t think of a downside.”

If it’s your first time becoming a plant parent, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Tips for a greener thumb:

  • Wipe down the leafs of your house plants regularly (they collect dust like everything else);
  • Start with a low maintenance plant that’s hard to kill (Berliet recommends snake plants, spider plants, aloe vera, and jade plants);
  • Try to decorate with a mix of living and faux plants (Whitney Port buys her faux plants at The Sill).

Decorating The Bathroom

Since most of our favorite hair salons, nail salons, brow bars, and aesthetician’s offices are temporarily closed, our bathrooms have become more important than ever. DIY brow tinting, home manicures, and long steamy baths are now taking the place of our favorite self-care outings. But with more functions, come the tools and products needed to get the job done. Below are a few tricks for transforming les salles des bains into a home sanctuary.

How to turn your bathroom into a spa:

  • Get a bathtub caddy (we like this one) so you can make the most of bath time;
  • Light scented candles along the bathtub or window sill;
  • Decant your soaps into a more elegant (and permanent) container;
  • Use a basket or ladder to display your towels;
  • Introduce sound to the room.

Berliet’s favorite websites for shopping home goods?

For Art and Decor:
West elm, Etsy, CB2, The Citizenry
For Furniture:
Inside Weather, Albany Park, Maiden Home, Burrow
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