Top 10 CBD Tinctures Made From USA-Grown Hemp

Why Buy USA-Grown CBD? 

Since the passage of the Farm Bill, a few states, including in Colorado and Kentucky, have set up license and certification processes for American hemp farmers. State programs like these create barriers to entry for hemp farming and add an extra layer of due diligence for the farmers who participate in them. When CBD brands choose to work with an American hemp farm vs. an overseas farm, they are generally choosing a more transparent sourcing process and helping to maintain quality control over the end product.

Regeneratively Grown, Organic CBD

Hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning it absorbs compounds from the soil around it. In fact, hemp has been used historically as a solution to clean up toxic soil. This is because as it grows, hemp naturally absorbs the toxins in the soil and helps to clean up the land. This makes it critical that hemp is grown in healthy farmland. Furthermore, it’s critical brands that extract their CBD from organically grown, non-GMO hemp plants.

However, not all American hemp farms are created equal. Some go the extra mile, beyond simply ‘organic’ farming, and employ regenerative agriculture techniques. Regenerative Agriculture helps to keep top soil healthy, while optimizing the natural resources of the land and assisting in the sequestration (capture) of carbon from the atmosphere.

The CBD companies on our list that source regeneratively grown hemp are: Treaty CBD, Plant People, Juna, and Mineral Health. 

Top 10 CBD Tinctures Made from USA-Grown Hemp. 

1. Plant People

plant people cbd drops

Plant People CBD Drops

  • Price Range: $40-$100
  • CBD Concentration: 315mg of CBD to 1260mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: Mind + Body, Relief, Sleep 
  • Save 15% with code WOW15

WOW Factor: Plant People offers a soothing range of full spectrum hemp extracts which may help regulate the mental and physical systems that support homeostasis. We love that Plant People uses regeneratively grown, sun-grown hemp from Colorado and other botanicals to create custom solutions for stressed-out humans.


  • Full-spectrum Sun-Grown Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regenerative Farming Method
  • Targeted Formulas 


focl cbd tincture review


  • Price: $39-$65
  • CBD Concentration: 300mg or 1000mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Flavors: Mint, Cherry, Orange Cream 
  • Save 20% with coupon code WOW20

WOW Factor: One of the few CBD companies to own their own hemp farm, FOCL is setting a new standard for the industry with their farm to tincture process. FOCL also works with other US based growers to ensure only the highest-quality product goes into their CBD Drops. In addition to their organic USA-grown hemp, their formula contains organic MCT oil extracted from baby coconuts.


  • Organic Hemp-derived CBD
  • Organic MCT Oil
  • Organic flavors (Orange Cream, Cherry, Mint)

3. Highline Wellness

Highland Wellness Review

Highline Wellness CBD Oil

  • Price Range: $35-$130
  • CBD Concentration: 250mg of CBD to 3000mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Flavors: Mint, Citrus

WOW Factor: Highline Wellness produces their CBD oil using organically grown hemp-derived CBD and a CO2 extraction method. This promises a high quality broad spectrum CBD oil that is free of THC. Their CBD oil comes in five different concentrations, so you can find the right dose for you. 


  • Broad-spectrum Organic Hemp-derived CBD
  • Organic MCT oil 
  • Organic Flavorings

4. Treaty CBD Tinctures

treaty cbd review

Treaty CBD

Botanical Tinctures

  • Price Range: $129
  • CBD Concentration: 600mg of CBD to 1500mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: Calm, Focus, Recover, Balance

WOW Factor: Treaty’s organic hemp is grown using regenerative farming techniques that maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems. They make four different tinctures designed to help you stay calm, get focus, recover quickly, and maintain balance. Mimicking the effects of “forest bathing,” each Treaty formula is meant to evoke the feeling of actually spending time in nature.


  • Broad-spectrum Organic Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regenerative Farming Method
  • Bioregional plant extracts

5. Mineral Health

mineral health cbd review

Mineral Health

Whole Plant CBD

  • Price Range: $75-$190
  • CBD Concentration: 500mg of CBD to 2000mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): link on website footer 
  • Formulations: Sleep, Balance, Recovery 

WOW Factor: Mineral Health creates sophisticated formulations with whole-plant hemp extracts grown using regenerative agriculture techniques in Longmont, Colorado. Mineral’s use of the whole hemp plant means their formulations are dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components. All of which work synergistically to deliver a targeted effect: sleep, balance, or recovery. 


  • Whole-Plant Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regenerative Agriculture techniques
  • High Potency Concentrations Available 

6. Juna 

juna cbd review

Juna CBD Tincture

  • Price Range: $60-$150
  • CBD Concentration: 300mg of CBD to 1500mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: Balance, Balance X, Nightcap, Ease
  • Save 15% with coupon code WOW15

WOW Factor: With formulas intended to enhance your body’s endocannabinoid defense systems, Juna provides plant-forward solutions to the stressors of modern life. Juna sources their full-spectrum hemp oil from an organic farm that utilizes regenerative permaculture techniques for the richest soil quality. Grown in such rich soil, the plant’s original flower contains more than 80 identified botanical actives, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.


  • Full-spectrum Sun-Grown Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regenerative Farming Method
  • Luxurious Packaging + Targeted Formulas 

7. Whispr Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

whispr cbd

Whispr Hemp Oil Blend

  • Price Range: $49
  • CBD Concentration: 250mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Flavor: Mint Citrus

WOW Factor: Using hemp grown in Colorado, Whispr extracts the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil and combines it with therapeutic essential oils for a uniquely calming experience. Whispr’s one and only tincture is formulated to help you restore balance and fight chronic inflammation and stress.


  • Full-spectrum Hemp-derived CBD Oil 
  • Nootropics
  • Essential Oils

8. Mana Botanicals

Hawaiian Hemp Oil

  • Price Range: $35-$345
  • CBD Concentration: 150mg of CBD to 900mg of CBD per 30ML bottle; also available in larger sizes. 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Flavors: Turmeric & Vanilla, Passionflower & Lehua

WOW Factor: Mana Botanicals farm-to-body hemp infusions are made with all organic ingredients, sourced directly from local farmers. Combining full-spectrum hemp with Hawaiian plants and herbs, Mana Botanical’s CBD tinctures include added anti-inflammatory and wellness benefits. 


  • Full-spectrum Organic Hemp-derived CBD
  • Hawaiian Botanicals
  • Large Tincture Sizes Available  (1oz-4oz)

9. Zion Medicinals 

Zion Medicinals

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

  • Price Range: $38-$210
  • CBD Concentration: 250mg of CBD to 1500mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: 250-1500mg Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

WOW Factor: Zion Medicinals uses U.S.-grown organic Colorado hemp and an alcohol extraction process in order to dissolve a wider range of elements in their unflavored CBD tinctures. They’re also one of the only CBD companies to use a spagyric procedure in the creation of their product. The spagyric process provide extra salts, minerals, oils and acids in order to create a more medicinally potent product.


  • Full-spectrum Colorado Grown Hemp-derived CBD
  • Spagyric Process
  • Unflavored Tinctures 

10. Tarot CBD

tarot cbd

Tarot Tinctures

  • Price Range: $38-$70
  • CBD Concentration: 500mg of CBD to 1000mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): email brand
  • Flavors: Damiana Lemon, Elderberry Rose, CBD Balance, CBD Relief, Turmeric Blood Orange, Valerian Mint. 

WOW Factor: Tarot CBD tinctures are made by hand in small batches. We love that Tarot takes as much care with their added herbs as they do with their hemp oil: using only organic CO2 extracted herbs. Tarot CBD offers a complete range of tincture formulations including a Damiana Lemon infused CBD oil to enhance sexual pleasure and a Turmeric Blood Orange infused CBD oil to ease pain such as menstrual cramps.


  • Full-spectrum US Grown Hemp-derived CBD
  • CO2 Extracted Herbs
  • Uniquely targeted formulations 
Affiliate Disclosure: We receive compensation in the form of commissions from some of the brands listed on this page when you click a link and make a purchase. We appreciate your support.
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