5 Mushroom Supplements To Try in 2021

Did you take your mushrooms today?”

A question you may not have heard too much growing up. However, modern research continues to confirm that medicinal mushrooms—which have been in use for thousands of years—may provide us with a variety of health benefits. Boosted immunity, energy, cognition, physical performance, and longevity, are all reasons more and more people have started incorporating mushroom supplements into their daily routines.

Below, we break down how to find the mushroom supplement that’s right for you and review five mushroom supplements to implement in 2021.

Finding the Mushroom Supplement That’s Right for You

5 best mushroom supplements reviewed for 2021

The rise in the popularity of medicinal mushrooms means there’s a lot more shroomy options to choose from. Luckily, we’re here to help you sort through the noise.

As early adopters of medical mushrooms and adaptogens, we’ve been doing our own research and analysis on different types of mushroom supplements for years.

Different Types of Mushroom Supplements

Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate mushrooms into our daily routines:

Mushroom Supplements: The best option for those looking for therapeutic results. Taking medical mushrooms in supplement form means you’re getting a consistent dose, everytime—which many believe is necessary to realize the full benefit of mushrooms. It’s also a very quick and simple way to take mushrooms as no preparation is necessary.
Mushroom Coffee: The best option for those who like their mushrooms with a dose of caffeine. Making mushroom coffee in the morning is a sure fire way to get your day started off on the right foot. The thoughtful blends currently on the market can elevate your morning cup of coffee from average to amazing. Some mushroom coffee blends also contain less caffeine than your average cup of joe; making it an ideal option for an afternoon pick-me-up.
Mushroom Hot Cacao: The best option for those who wish to savor their shroomy experience. Medicinal mushrooms mixed with a healthy blends of cacao and cinnamon can have added anti-inflammatory benefits and taste amazing. Not to mention the joy of sipping on an evening cup of hot coco.
Mushroom Tinctures: Made for the modern day alchemist, mushroom tinctures can offer a wide variety of benefits, without the fuss of pills or powders. Take a mushroom tincture directly under your tongue, or add a few drops to your post-workout smoothie or evening tea. Rainbo mushroom tinctures also make a great addition to a holistic vanity or adaptogenic bar cart.

5 Best Mushroom Supplements: Reviewed

1. Best Overall Mushroom Supplement

Plant People Immune Power

Plant People: Immune Power

An organic mushroom supplement formulated for immune strength.

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  • Highlights: 700mg dose of Chaga, Maitake, Reshi, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail.
  • Format: Daily Supplement
  • Price: $35 for 30 servings
  • Benefits: boosted immunity and energy.

Formulated by doctors and offering a clinical grade dose of five therapeutic mushrooms, Plant People’s Immune Power offers a 700mg dose of Chaga, Maitake, Reshi, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail.

The mushroom extracts included in their formula have been water-extracted and are all organic. So you get the immune boosting power of the shroom’s beta-glucans free of harmful chemicals or toxins. This formula also includes astragalus, one of our favorite adaptogens, as well as a hefty dose of Vitamin C, which acts as an amplifier for the mushrooms.

*After a few weeks taking this supplement, our editor-in-chief felt more energized and clear-headed throughout the day. She also found it easy to incorporate into her morning supplement routine.

2. Best Mushroom Coffee

RYZE mushroom coffee

RYZE: Mushroom Coffee

Smooth Instant Mushroom Coffee mix containing six different mushrooms.

  • Highlights: Zero Sugar, Half the caffeine, Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Format: Instant Coffee Mix (Bulk Bag)
  • Price: $36 for 30 servings
  • Benefits: Clean, calm energy

Formulated with six different mushrooms—Cordyceps, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and King Trumpet—that have been touted in wellness circles for their ability to improve immune function, promote brain health, and increase athletic performance, RYZE mushroom coffee is the shroomy way to give your mornings a boost.

One of the best parts about this particular mushroom coffee is that each cup contains only half the caffeine of a regular cup of joe. Meaning you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee without the jitters or crash mid-day. Unlike other brands of mushroom coffee, RYZE contains zero sugar and is Keto and Paleo friendly.

3. Best Mushroom Hot Chocolate

four Sigmatic reishi hot cacao

Four Sigmatic Reishi Cacao

The best way to wind down the day.

  • Highlights: Cacao, cinnamon, and 500mg of Reishi
  • Format: Instant Cacao Mix (Single Use Packets)
  • Price: $20 for 10 servings
  • Benefits: Relaxing evening ritual

Four Sigmatic is one of the OG’s in the mushroom game and we love that they’re largely responsible for bringing the joy of medicinal mushrooms back into the wellness limelight. It’s especially enjoyable to wind down the day with a cup of their mushroom cacao mix—offering a 500mg dose of reishi—a.k.a. the ‘chill’ mushroom.

Four Sigmatic’s slightly sweet, cinnamon and cardamom infused formula is the perfect treat for a evening in. We love that they source their reishi extract from sustainable log-grown shrooms.

*Editor tip: for an elevated cup of hot coco, add Four Sigmatic instant cacao mix to a warm cup of macadamia nut, cashew, or oat milk and use a handheld brother to mix. Top with vegan marshmellows.

4. Best Mushrooms for Respiratory Health

plant people lung guard

Plant People Lung Guard

In the midst of a pandemic, Plant People’s Lung Guard is a great way to boost respiratory health.

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  • Highlights: 1000mg dose of herbs, adaptogens, and Reishi
  • Format: Daily Supplement
  • Price: $35 for 30 servings
  • Benefits: promotes healthy respiratory system

Now more than ever, being proactive when it comes to protecting your respiratory system is top of mind. As we enter winter flu season, Plant people’s lung guard supplement can help to defend against free radicals, pollutants, and environmental stressors.

Similar to their Immune Power formula, Lung Guard has been formulated by doctors and offers a clinical grade formula to promote a healthy respiratory system. It features a 1000mg dose of their proprietary blend of herbs, adaptogens, and reishi mushroom extract.

5. Best Mushroom Tincture

best mushroom tincture

Rainbo Mushroom Tinctures

11:11 is a complete mushroom formula for overall wellbeing.

  • Highlights: Sustainably cultivated, complete mushroom formula
  • Format: Tincture
  • Price: $40-$49
  • Benefits: Longevity, Immunity, Brain Power, Relaxation

Authentic, shroom-loving companies like Rainbo are few and far between. But they do exist—and we’re here to connect you to the magic that is Rainbo.

Whether you are looking for a complete mushroom formula (11:11 Multi-Mushroom Synergy), or the targeted effects of a particular shroom (Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi), the fungi experts at Rainbo are there to guide the way.

All of their mushrooms are cultivated sustainably in Canada, (where the company is based), with the exception of Chaga—which is also sourced sustainably from nature.

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