Design a Holistic Vanity, Upgrade Your Energy.

With the perks of modern technology come the inevitable downsides: more and more time spent hovering over screens, days spent clutching our devices, and lunch breaks spent peering into the never ending stream of other peoples lives that decidedly ooze out of our so-called ‘social applications’.

So when you find yourself with time that is all your own, why not use it to spark joy in your own life?

One way to achieve said sparks? By designing the holistic vanity of your dreams.

What is a Holistic Vanity?

Here at West of Wild, we are strong believers that cultivating your inner light drives outer beauty.

We’re all made up of energy—in fact, according to quantum physics, the atoms that make up our cells are composed of 99.99999 percent energy and only .00001 percent matter. While the traditional beauty industry has us focusing on the .00001 percent matter, a holistic vanity places equal emphasis on shaping our energy.

On the flip side, we’re the first to acknowledge that liking what you see in the mirror can have a positive effect on how you feel inside—and in this way our outer appearance can have an effect on our inner energy. Thus, the goal of a Holistic Vanity is cater to both your energy (your inner spirit) and your matter (your outer appearance).

For WOW editors, a well designed vanity contains products that spark joy from the inside out and then again from the outside in.

Creating An Environment That Sparks Joy

Think, the energizing sound of your favorite morning tunes as you sip a warm cup of coffee and apply a cheeky rose-colored cream. Or, the scent of an exotic locale, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, and the warm light of a coconut wax candle as you massage your face during your evening gua sha routine.

Small as they may seem, these little atmospheric touches can have a big impact on your energy and mood. Helping you to keep an open heart as you apply your favorite serums, lotions, and potions to your skin.

Below, check out some of our favorite products for designing a holistic vanity:

Design Your Vanity: Morning Routine

iHome Zenergy Portable Sounds Machine


Zenergy Portable Sound Machine

Listen to nature sounds, your favorite podcast, or some morning tunes as you go about your morning routine. Having the right music or pod playing can help put you in the mindset you need to take on the day.

Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee

Organic & Consciously Crafted

If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s nothing better than savoring your morning rituals with a hot cup of coffee nearby. We like to make ours rich and creamy by adding a spoonful of grass fed ghee, a spoonful of nootropic mct oil, a sprinkle of cinnamon. and the foaming action of a handheld frother.

NuFace Trinity Pro


Micro-current Trinity Pro

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a little extra toning, lifting, and firming first thing in the morning. When used consistently, the NuFace device certainly delivers on its promise for a more sculpted look. We like to use it with a organic aloe gel.

naturapathica manuka honey cleansing balm


Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm

After using your Nuface device, your face might be a little sticky, so we like to get a fresh start with this ultra luxurious cleansing balm. It makes washing your face a little luxury in and of itself.

living libations rose glow face cream

Living Libations

Rose Glow Face Cream

Give yourself the gift of glow in the morning with this delectable pink-colored cream. The subtle smell of rose lifts your mood while its pink tone imparts a natural glow.

living libations maiden fern blushing balm

Living Libations

Maiden Fern Blushing Balm

Up the ante on your day with this natural blushing balm. Dab it on the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and maybe even a little on your forehead. Its romantic shade gives just the right amount of wind-swept color.

Zinc it Over SPF refresh mist zinc

Seriously Fab

Zinc It Over Sunscreen Mist

Use a few spritz of this sunscreen mist to impart an invisible layer of SPF protection over glowy skin. We love that you can re-apply it over moisturizer or makeup throughout the day.

Anine Bing pure noir perfume

Anine Bing

Pure Noir

Scent may be one the most powerful energy transformers we know. With heart notes of Black Baccara Rose, Nutmeg, and Black Pepper and background notes of Mahogany Wood, Guaiacwood, and Cistus Absolute Spain, Pure Noir embodies the free-spirited woman. It’s the perfect finishing touch to an empowering morning routine.

Design Your Vanity: Evening Routine

Juna Nightcap Sleep Drops


Nightcap CBD Sleep Drops

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A few drops of this calm inducing, sleep promoting, and anxiety blocking CBD oil under the tongue, (which also contains the cannabinoids CBG and CBN), is the perfect way to kick off your evening vanity ritual. Infused with chamomile and passionflower, it will help to calm your senses for full enjoyment of your evening routine.

Anine Bing Pure Noir Candle

Pure Noir

Coconut Wax Candle

There are few things in this world as relaxing (and flattering) as the glow of candlelight. We love that this one is is hand-poured in the U.S. using a natural coconut soy wax blend with a mixed-cotton wick. Let the dark, spicy, and floral scent set your evening mood.

Pearl Power and Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil Mask

Living Libations

Perfect Pearl Powder + Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil Mask

Bask in the delicious glow of candlelight with a Cleopatra approved beauty ritual: A pearl powder mask.

A staple of Chinese health and beauty, pearl powder has been used by women for thousands of years to slow the signs of aging and fight the appearance of wrinkles. We like to mix a bit of Living Libations Perfect Pearl Powder with a few drops of their Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil to make a mask Cleopatra would envy.

*This mask also acts as a gentle exfoliator when you wash it off.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry Brush

While you’re masking your face, why not give your body some love too. You can use the dry brush on it’s own or dab a bit of body oil on the brush before using it. If you’re using oil, make sure to shower prior to brushing. If you’re going the traditional ‘dry’ route, shower after skin brushing for the ultimate detox ritual.

Wonder Valley Body Oil

Wonder Valley

Hinoki Body Oil

Perfect for use alongside or after your dry brushing routine. Wonder Valley’s luxurious skin-softening body oil is spiked with the intoxicating scent of Siberian fir and Japanese hinoki to get you in the mood for a relaxing slumber. It will leave skin glowing and hydrated-protecting skin against water loss and promoting elasticity.


Ildi Pekar

Tissue Repair Serum Infused with CBD Oil

This luxurious CBD-infused face oil also contains a healthy dose of Aloe vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, a Probiotic, and Hyaluronic Acid. Making it ultra nourishing and excellent for plumping and nourishing the skin. It’s expertly crafted by Ildi Pekar to reduce inflammation and help rebuild healthy skin cells. We love to use it in the evening in combination with a rose quartz Gua Sha.


Kin Euphorics

Dream Light

Cap off your evening routine with a comforting non-alcoholic elixir made by the nootropic enthusiasts at Kin Euphorics. Dream Light tastes reminiscent of a creamy chai latte and is especially crafted to help relieve restlessness and relax the body. We love that it can be combine with our favorite vegan milks (Oat is highly recommended) and it can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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