The Five Best CBD Face Serums of 2020

WOW Factor: In this guide to CBD skincare, we break down the five best CBD Face Serums according to beauty editors.

By now you’ve probably heard about the seemingly magical effects of CBD and seen it popping up all over your favorite beauty retailer’s shelves. But what exactly is this magical compound, and does it really live up to it’s own hype?

As beauty lovers, we were especially interested in the efficacy of CBD face oils and serums. So naturally, we had to give them a try. Here’s what we found:

The cannabis industry, and CBD in particular, has seen a large boom in popular demand thanks to the passing of legislation in 2018 -making the production of hemp (which contains high amounts of CBD) legal. 

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is an active cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. While some CBD formulas may contain trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC, hemp-derived CBD oils and tinctures won’t produce the ‘high’ associated with traditional cannabis products.

Is CBD Effective in Skincare?

While scientists are still trying to pinpoint the effectiveness of CBD, studies have shown it may help reduce inflammation, calm redness, and combat acne. All reasons why it has become a popular ingredient for skin care products. 

It’s also important to note that the mere ritual of using a CBD face oil -let’s say every other evening as part of your wind-down routine, can have a relaxing and rejuvenating effect all on its own.

How To Buy High-Quality CBD Skincare: 

The CBD skincare market is overflowing with various creams, oils, and serums; each promising the highest standards in quality and effect. However, not all CBD beauty products are created equal. It’s important to note that none of the available over-the-counter CBD products are currently endorsed or approved by the FDA. This leaves the onus on consumers to find the most effective and reliable CBD skincare products by reading product labels carefully and doing their own research. 

For optimal CBD beauty benefits, look for products with:

  • A high concentration of CBD
  • Transparent sourcing of CBD 
  • CBD paired with other clean, non-toxic ingredients
  • Natural or organic product labels

The Five Best CBD Serums

To determine which CBD serum would make it into our evening routines, we tried a few of the most luxurious CBD face serums on the market and here’s what we found: 

Plant People Revive Face Serum ($69): 300MG CBD

plant people cbd face serum
Plant People Revive Face Serum

Plant People’s delectable face serum sits on the top of our list for best CBD serums for a number of reasons:

  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Clean beauty face oil
  • Sustainably-grown hemp
  • 300MG of high-quality CBD per bottle
  • Active botanical formula
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Along with 300mg of sustainably grown CBD, Plant People’s soothing face serum also features active botanicals like: Blue Tansy, Blue Yarrow, Blue Chamomile, Olive Squalene, and Kalahari Melon Seed.

Their responsible formula feels amazing to apply and promises to reduce visible signs of aging by promoting cellular regeneration. We found that this formula was super hydrating and gave skin a bouncy, toned look. After consistent use, (about half way through the bottle), we found that skin was noticeably less red.

Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum ($125): 500MG CBD

Saint Jane CBD Face Serum

The packaging of this product is beautiful, and just having it sit on our vanity felt like  a treat. But lets get to what’s inside the bottle.

Offered at a high price point, this luxurious serum delivers 500 MG of full spectrum CBD along with 20 other active botanicals. Saint Jane’s formula includes shea butter, grapeseed oil, and rosehip seed extract. So you get a lot of super nourishing ingredients along with CBD.

After the first application of this oil, our skin felt nourished and moisturized, however, it did not immediately help with redness. It was only after using it consistently for three weeks (via daily application at night) – did we notice an improvement in redness and less irritation.

cbd tinctures

Overall, we would recommend this CBD serum as a luxurious addition to your routine. Especially if you’re looking for added moisture and a calming effect. It may help reduce redness with continual use – but in no way is it a silver bullet. Therefore it should merely be used as a supplement your current routine. 

Ildi Pekar Tissue Repair Serum Infused with CBD Oil ($148): 250 MG CBD

Ildi Pekar CBD Face Serum
PHOTO: Ildi Pekar

The well-rounded CBD serum of the bunch. Ildi Pekar’s face serum is infused with 250 MG of CBD. Making it only half as potent as Saint Jane’s formula from a CBD standpoint.

However, it also contains a healthy dose of Aloe vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, a Probiotic, and Hyaluronic Acid. Making it our favorite for plumping and nourishing the skin.

Meant to reduce inflammation and help rebuild healthy skin cells, of all the serums we tried, we got the best results after continual use of this product for four weeks. Also, we were able to substitute it for our usual vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serums – helping us justify high price tag. 

While we can’t point to CBD as the magic ingredient in this product, the combination of hydrators, healers, and plumping hyaluronic acid made the largest improvement in our skin out of the bunch. 

Hora Skin Care Super Serum + CBD ($54): 250 MG CBD

Hora CBD Face Serum
PHOTO: Hora Skincare

We love that Hora Skin Care’s take on a CBD face serum is as all-encompassing as some of the higher price point products on the market. It comes packed with a generous 250 MG of CBD. Formulated with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, and Rosehip Seed Extract. In short, this CBD face serum is really is quite super for the price.

cbd tinctures

Over four weeks,  it had the most smoothing effect on our skin out of all the serums. Most likely due to the addition of Vitamin A (which stimulates cell turnover). Our skin also felt calm and had an extra bounce that we didn’t have before.

All in all, this is a great product for healthy skin that wants a little extra glow-up. 

Plant People’s Restore Face Mask ($59): 300 MG CBD

Plant People CBD Face Mask
Plant People Restore Face Mask

Okay, so this isn’t technically a serum, but it’s so good we had to include on our list. This nourishing and brightening mask contains 300 MG of the highest quality CBD, plus one of our favorite skin saviors: mushrooms. Yes, this CBD mask helps to relive redness and reduce sun induced pigmentation with Shiitake Mushroom Extract.

Plus, it’s cool green color and thick nourishing texture make us want to apply it everyday -but the official advice is to use it 1-3 times a week.

How To Use A CBD Face Oil

Here at West of Wild, you can find us pairing a topical CBD face oil with a few drops of a sublingual CBD tincture for added relaxation. A typical evening ritual may look something like this:

  • Prepare a cup of tea
  • Light a candle
  • Place a few drops of CBD Tincture under tongue
  • Double cleanse skin
  • Pat CBD Face Oil gently into skin
  • Gua Sha
The products mentioned in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; results may vary; the information provided does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such.
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