Why Voting Is The Ultimate Act of Self-Care

Voting is your sacred right as a citizen of the United States. As such, you should feel empowered to use your voice in the days leading up to the 2020 election. But did you know that participating in civic life can also make you healthier?

How Voting Impacts Our Health

Aside from the fact that almost everything we experience in our daily lives is touched by the government (from the roads we drive on, the air we breath, to the health care we have access to), research shows that voting can actually make people healthier. This is largely due to the fact that voters are social and effectual, helping them experience greater feelings of connection and belonging to the community they call home: important, yet often overlooked, indicators of good physical health.

To help you get involved, we’ve put together some simple tips on how to make your voice heard and get your vote counted on Election Day.

  1. Register To Vote ASAP: Go to vote.org or google: “[your state] + register to vote” and head to your state’s voter registration website. If you’re already registered to vote, use the same resources to make sure your voter registration is up to date.
  2. Cast Your Ballot: Check out what your options are in your state:
    • Vote in person on Election Day;
    • Vote in person, early; or,
    • Vote by mail.

Different Ways To Cast Your Ballot

  1. Voting in Person: Due to the limitations on polling resources this year, try to vote early in person if you can. Know before you go:
    • Find out where your polling place is, and;
    • Make sure you know your state’s requirements for voting on Election Day: I.e. whether you need to bring your driver’s license or other form of ID.
  2. Voting by mail: After making sure you’re eligible to vote by mail, you also need to check whether your ballot will be mailed to you, or if you need to request one. If you need to request a ballot, do so as soon as possible (today!).
    • After receiving your ballot, make sure to read the instructions carefully and fill out your ballot with exact precision:
      • use the correct color ink;
      • fill out bubbles neatly and completely;
      • place your signature where indicated;
      • attach any additional requested documentation if applicable in your state (photocopy of ID).
    • Return your ballot. Return your ballot in person (best option!) or mail it back via USPS as soon as you can.
    • **If your ballot arrives late or if your signature is missing (or appears invalid), your vote may not be counted. However, if your signature is missing, it may be possible to cure your ballot -see your state’s website for the most up to date information.
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