4 CBD Brands Using Regenerative Agriculture Techniques

The CBD market is currently overflowing with various hemp oils, tinctures, and supplements. Each promising the highest standard in CBD quality and effect. However, not all CBD products are created equal.

cbd regenerative agriculture

While most responsible CBD companies utilize organic farming techniques in the cultivation of hemp (a bio-accumulator), some are going a step further by utilizing regenerative agriculture.  

Below, find out why regenerative agriculture is one of the most sustainable ways to grow hemp and discover four CBD companies who are already employing this technique. 

Regenerative Agriculture: Explained

Based on a set of global principles, regional practices, and local techniques, regenerative agriculture combines local knowledge of the land with appropriate modern technology in order to achieve sustainable outcomes. 

cbd regenerative agriculture

It’s a method of growing food and natural materials with an emphasis on topsoil regeneration, biodiversity, optimization of natural resources, and carbon sequestration.

The Re-Generation.

Regeneration is defined as: ‘renewal, restoration, and growth of cells, organisms, and ecosystems’. Thus, regenerative agriculture sets out to create self-sufficient farms that don’t rely on continuous inputs from external sources (I.e., imported soil and chemical fertilizers).

Due to the damage inflicted on America’s farm land by the industrial agriculture industry, by some estimates, we are set to run out of healthy top soil in the next sixty years. Because we cannot grow healthy food without healthy top soil, replacing industrial farming techniques ( mono-cropping, chemical fertilization, and the propagation of annual crops) with regenerative techniques is imperative to our ability to thrive as a species.  

Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture aims to produce positive ecological, food system, and community outcomes. All three of which share a common objective—creating greater resiliency in communities around the globe.

Positive outcomes of regenerative agriculture include:

  • More nutritious food
  • Healthy top soil
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Optimization of farm land
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Resilient communities
  • Resiliency to climate change 

Regeneratively-Grown Hemp

The adoption of regenerative agriculture principles can help hemp farmers deal with the current climate crisis by making their farms more resilient and adaptive. Most importantly, it allows cannabis farmers to be part of a larger solution to the crisis, through carbon sequestration.

Cannabis & Carbon Capture

Scientists estimate that for every ton of hemp grown, 1.63 tons of carbon dioxide is captured from the atmosphere. This is a much larger amount than other trees and plants of a similar size.

Along with hemp’s ability to capture carbon from the atmosphere, the mindful cultivation of cannabis has the following agricultural benefits:

  • Deep root system (prevents erosion and loosens soil)
  • Production of biomass (delivers nutrients into soil)
  • Requires less water than other industrial crops
  • Grows quicker (than other sources of paper)

4 CBD Brands Using Regenerative Agriculture 

While regenerative techniques are not the current standard of the cannabis industry, they are its future. Companies on the forefront of the industry understand this. Thus, they are some of the most vocal advocates for responsible cultivation of the plant.

Here are our editor’s four favorite CBD companies using regenerative agriculture techniques: 

Plant People

Plant People

CBD Sleep Drops

  • Price Range: $40-$100
  • CBD Concentration: 315mg of CBD to 1260mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: Mind + Body, Relief, Sleep 

WOW Factor: Plant People offers a soothing range of full spectrum hemp extracts which may help regulate the mental and physical systems that support homeostasis. We love that Plant People uses regeneratively grown, sun-grown hemp from Colorado and other botanicals to create custom solutions for stressed-out humans. 

Plant People CBD Tincture Highlights: 

  • Full-spectrum Sun-Grown Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regeneratively Grown Hemp
  • Targeted Formulas 

Treaty CBD Tinctures

Treaty CBD

Calm CBD Tincture

  • Price Range: $129
  • CBD Concentration: 600mg of CBD to 1500mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: Calm, Focus, Recover, Balance

WOW Factor: Treaty’s organic hemp is grown using regenerative farming techniques that maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems. They make four different tinctures designed to help you stay calm, get focus, recover quickly, and maintain balance. Mimicking the effects of “forest bathing,” each Treaty formula is meant to evoke the feeling of actually spending time in nature.

Treaty CBD Tincture Highlights:

  • Broad-spectrum Organic Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regeneratively Grown Hemp
  • Bioregional plant extracts


Juna CBD

Balance CBD Tincture

  • Price Range: $60-$150
  • CBD Concentration: 300mg of CBD to 1500mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): on product page 
  • Formulations: Balance, Balance X, Nightcap, Ease

WOW Factor: With formulas intended to enhance your body’s endocannabinoid defense systems, Juna provides plant-forward solutions to the stressors of modern life. Juna sources their full-spectrum hemp oil from an organic farm that utilizes regenerative permaculture techniques for the richest soil quality. Grown in such rich soil, the plant’s original flower contains more than 80 identified botanical actives, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Juna CBD Tincture Highlights: 

  • Full-spectrum Sun-Grown Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regenerative Farming Method
  • Luxurious Packaging + Targeted Formulas 

Mineral Health

Mineral Health

Balance CBD Tincture

  • Price Range: $75-$190
  • CBD Concentration: 500mg of CBD to 2000mg of CBD per 30ML bottle 
  • Lab Report (COA): link on website footer 
  • Formulations: Sleep, Balance, Recovery 

WOW Factor: Mineral Health creates sophisticated formulations with whole-plant hemp extracts grown using regenerative agriculture techniques in Longmont, Colorado. Mineral’s use of the whole hemp plant means their formulations are dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components. All of which work synergistically to deliver a targeted effect: sleep, balance, or recovery. 

Mineral CBD Tincture Highlights: 

  • Whole-Plant Hemp-derived CBD
  • Regenerative Agriculture techniques
  • High Potency Concentrations Available 
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