Attire The Studio Just Launched Collection 2-and We’re Obsessed

Chocolate silk, asymmetrical wool, and classic boat sweaters are the sustainably made luxuries we need right now.

Thanks to Paris-based fashion influencer, Xenia Adonts, you can enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures and feel good about doing it.

Attire: The Most Transparent Label, Ever?

Bringing transparency and sustainability to the next level, Adonts label, Attire The Studio, gives you a precise rundown of each fabric used in the collection: Think, biodegradable wool sourced from cruelty-free farms; silk safely spun in Lake Como, Italy; and organic cotton.

The label has also made a commitment not to use fashion’s dirtiest fabric: polyester.

Making the entire Attire line 100% plastic-free (including packaging).

Sustainability: Fashion’s New Normal

With Attire, Adonts, has set out to create a fashion house that cares as much about the impact of clothing production as they do about the clothes themselves.

Attire The Studio produces their clothing in small family-run factories that have been personally vetted by Adonts. All of which employ ethical and fair labor practices.

In a significant departure from traditional retail, Attire displays the entire production cost of each garment and allows you to see their profit margin. FYI, it’s significantly less than your typical luxury garment.

Did we mention the designs are impossibly chic and timeless…and they’re selling out fast.

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