6 Pieces To Elevate Your Fall Uniform

WOW Factor: These six pieces are made from responsible brands that abide by the golden rule of sustainable fashion: invest in quality, timeless pieces that you’ll love wearing over and over again.  

What You Need To Know: A sustainable fall uniform is the one you’ll keep wearing -and keep out of the landfill. Aside from using sustainable materials, these brands know how to craft classics that stand the test of time. Our Fall Uniform features pieces from Anine Bing, Attire The Studio, and Aurate New York. 

How To Build a Sustainable Fall Uniform

Sustainability is a nebulous term these days and it can mean so many different things when it comes to fashion. Here at West of Wild, we take multiple factors into account before deciding to call something ‘sustainable’. While we always look at the complete picture: manufacturing practices, material choice, and design – we stand by the school of thought that the most sustainable pieces of clothing are the ones you’ll wear over and over again. 

When it comes to building a sustainable uniform, there is a golden rule: don’t buy anything you’d only wear once (or a couple of times). In other words, it’s important to stay away from trends. Instead, invest in timeless pieces made with quality fabrics that you’ll love reaching for when you’re getting dressed. 

Below are a few of our time-honored favorites for fall. While we’ve chosen to include brands that exhibit responsible business practices, we’ve also chosen pieces that we think you’ll love for this season and the next. 

Kaia Blazer – Anine Bing 

The Kaia Blazer


By Anine Bing

Your new go-to. This oversized blazer is perfect for throwing on over a white tee and jeans. The Kaia Blazer’s features a tailored, boyish fit for a certain je ne sais quois vibe.  

Lili Tee – Anine Bing 

The Lili Tee


By Anine Bing

A fall style requirement: the perfect white tee. This one made by Anine Bing checks all the right boxes. Featuring a boxy shape for a polished look. Pairs perfectly with the Kaia Blazer. 

Veja Sneakers – Esplar Leather White 

Esplar Leather


By VEJA sneakers

These classic white sneakers go with just about anything and are made in Brazil. Featuring exterior leather panels and organic cotton lining – this is one pair of sneakers that can keep up with you. 

Gold Chain Necklace – Aurate New York 

Gold Chain


Aurate New York

18 inches of recycled gold loops? Yes Please. This simple, yet elegant gold chain necklace is sustainably made in New York City. We love how it elevates a simple tee shirt and jeans. 

Sheer Pocket Blouse -Attire The Studio 

Sheer Pocket Blouse


By Attire The Studio

Red is a classic for fall, but this sheer blouse also comes in an unexpected icy blue. Inspired by the fierce working girl of the 80s, the oversize cuffs and pocket flaps elevate this top from day to night. We love how Attire is a completely transparent, woman-owned, brand and uses sustainable materials whenever possible. 

Sonya Jean – Anine Bing 

The Sonya Jean


By Anine Bing

Inspired by authentic vintage denim, these jeans are the foundation of a fall uniform. Constructed from 100% cotton rigid denim in a versatile mid indigo wash they add a touch of ruggedness to a polished look.  

About The Brand: Anine Bing 

Our go-to. ANINE BING is a Los Angeles based fashion brand started in 2012 by model turned designer Anine Bing. She remains at the helm of the company as its Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and American energy, the brand is focused on creating everyday wardrobe essentials that you’ll love investing in. By investing in fewer, better pieces, you create an iconic, timeless style. ANINE BING designs are thoughtfully sourced from the highest quality fabrications and materials, including leather, silk, linen, cashmere and 14k gold.

About The Brand: Attire The Studio 

The new-comer. Inspired by a drive to ‘do more’, fashion influencer turned designer, Xenia Adonts, has set out to create a fashion house that cares as much about the impact of clothing production as they do about the clothes themselves. Attire produces their clothing in small family-run factories that have been personally vetted by Xenia, herself. In a significant departure from traditional retail, Attire displays the entire cost of producing the garment, and allows you to see their margin (which is significantly less than most). The entire Attire line (including packaging) is 100% plastic-free. Additionally, all fabrics used by the brand are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. Did we mention the designs are impossibly chic and timeless?

About The Brand: Aurate New York 

For ethical gold things. Each Aurate piece is designed and handmade in New York, New York using ethically sourced and sustainably made 14K gold, 18K gold, and 14K gold-plated vermeil. The brand maintains a strict compliance process to ensure each ethical gold piece lasts a lifetime. Unlike most fine jewelry brands, Aurate maintains fair and transparent pricing. Since all of their jewelry is handmade in NYC, the brand doesn’t charge import taxes, utilize middlemen, or add ridiculous markups.

How To Build A Sustainable Wardrobe 

As fashion lovers, it can seem impossible to reconcile a love of beautiful clothes with a desire for sustainability. But, what if these two things weren’t as contradictory as we once thought? Is developing your personal style, with an emphasis on high quality items that will stand the test of time – the ultimate expression of sustainability?

Sustainability In The Fashion Industry

Here at West of Wild, we believe there are multiple aspects of sustainability when it comes to the clothes we wear. From supporting labels that produce iconic styles in small batches, to supporting labels that create their garments with eco-friendly materials. Buying from responsible businesses is a significant element of developing climate positive style. 

However, one of the most underrated things you can do to develop a climate positive wardrobe is to buy well-made items that are true to your style. If you buy quality clothes you love, you’re more likely to keep those items in play longer – and end up consuming fewer things. 

Sustainable Style is Consistent Style 

In order to be iconic, you have to be you. Because you don’t change (too much) with every season, this means you have to be repetitive. 

If you look at some of the style icons from the sixties and seventies, you’ll notice they all have a certain ‘look’. This consistency is an essential tenant of developing personal style and also happens to be crucial element of sustainability. 

How To Create Sustainable Style:

  • Reference influencers with timeless style.
  • Put your own personal spin on it.
  • Invest in fewer, higher quality pieces.
  • Be consistent.

By putting the development of your personal style above the need to chase trends, you’ll elevate your look above the everyday. Over time, you’ll end up with quality items you can pass on to the next generation – and what’s more sustainable than that?

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