Gratitude, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Plant-based Skincare with the Founder of Nolaskinsentials.

In our new series: Founder Rituals, our editors ask our favorite founders about their daily routines and rituals. This week, see how Jane, founder of Nolaskinsentials, starts and ends her day in our Founders Ritual Quiz.

founder of nolaskinsentials ritual quiz

Jane created Nolaskinsentials after seeing a clear gap in the skincare market for plant-based products that cater to skin with melanin.

But the result of her efforts is all-encompassing: Nolaskinsentials now boasts a hand-crafted line that uses small batch production and high quality ingredients to deliver affordable, vegan friendly skincare to all skin types & tones.

With products like a kiwi-infused (morning specific) face moisturizer named “Rise and Shine“; a blue green algae-infused face mask called the “Oh Whale Aqua Mask“, and; a luxurious shea-butter infused “Eden Glow Body Scrub” (meant to evoke your inner goddess) -this brand turns routine into ritual.

West of Wild Founders Ritual Quiz

Name: Jane

Industry: Beauty

Company: Nolaskinsentials

I do/ don’t use an alarm to wake up.

I don’t use an alarm. I’m a natural early bird and usually I’m awake before the birds honestly. 

I start my day by: Meditating and praying. It makes my day feel balanced.

The best self-care advice I’ve gotten is:

“Always take time to breath throughout the day.”

Being an entrepreneur takes so much time and energy, and when I’m running around with meetings and duties, I forget to take a moment. I’m getting better at that.

My hidden talent is:

I can eat some of the spiciest peppers and not break a sweat. I joke that I’m literally a HOT GIRL. 

A woman who is inspiring me right now is:

Milano. She has a relentless drive and amazing confidence that I admire. She allows her brand to speak for itself. 

My guilty pleasure is:

Chocolate Chip Cookies -the ones from Insomnia Cookies to be exact! 

nolaskinsentials review

The most iconic product I use is:

Nolaskinsentials Iconic Elixir, it’s named that for a reason.  

I like to squeeze in me time during the day.

To me, wellness is a catalyst for:

Having a great day! Wellness directly affects my mood, and I make sure I’m good on the inside so I can be amazing on the outside. Especially to the people I work with and love. 

Three things I would bring to a desert island are:

Lip balm: I have to always make sure my lips are on point. 

A pillow:  Because who is about lie their head on a rock/sand? Not me. 

A bathing suit: I’m making sure I enjoy the island and take a nice swim. I’ll treat it as a long vacation and I still want to look good. 

I like to bookend my day with:

My nighttime routine and prayer. Showing gratitude for my day’s experience and relaxing through my selfcare routine. 

You can find my phone and lip balm on my nightstand. 

A thought/quote I’m loving right now is:

“There is hustle and there is flow, and you cannot successfully maintain one without the other.”

Elaine Welteroth

This quote is by Elaine Welteroth and she is touches on knowing and understanding your balance and being committed to it.

As a young entrepreneur, we are taught to never sleep and only to eat, breath, and live our business. But if I don’t allow me time, I can overlook details and rush products.

I pride myself in drawing the line and knowing I’m nurturing my business the best way I can, in the healthiest way I can.   

Get to Know Nolaskinsentials

To find out more about Nolaskinsentials, visit their website. You can also follow them on Instagram @nolaskinsentials.

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