Founder Rituals: Iconic Skincare, Cooking, and Gummy Candy with Jamika Martin

In our new series: Founder Rituals, our editors ask our favorite founders about their daily routines and rituals. This week, see how Jamika Martin, founder of ROSEN Skincare, starts and ends her day in our Founders Ritual Quiz.

Hint, her current rituals include: a Super Smoothie Cleanser, journaling, hot coffee, and a homemade breakfast.

The Making of ROSEN Skincare

After years of dealing with difficult skin, (and taking endless treatments and medications for acne -including two rounds of Accutane), Jamika decided to take things into her own hands.

Her goal: To create products that spoke to the acne space she wanted to see.

The result: A line of clean and minimalistic products for acne prone skin.

ROSEN Routines

A unique aspect of the ROSEN Brand are their curated Routines. Rosen Routines take the guess work out of shopping for skincare by putting together the perfect mix of products based on the skin issue you’re most concerned about.

The Clear Routine was created for those who continue to struggle with frequent breakouts while the Fade Routine is for those who wish to fade their acne scars. You can also take their skincare quiz if you’re not sure which Routine is right for you.

If you’d rather shop a la carte, check out their best selling Bright Citrus Serum and Super Smoothie Cleanser.

Founder Rituals: Jamika’s Ritual

Name: Jamika Martin

Industry: Beauty

Company: ROSEN Skincare

I do/ don’t use an alarm to wake up.


I start my day by:

If I’m stressed, checking my email 🥴 -but I try so hard not to.

If it’s a good morning, I wake up, head straight to the bathroom to do my skincare routine, and then have some coffee and breakfast on my new couch! So peaceful. 

The best self-care advice I’ve gotten is:

“Constant linear growth doesn’t exist.”

My hidden talent is:


A woman who is inspiring me right now is:

Honestly, I’d say I have a group of Black female founders I consider friends who are just killing it right now and always challenge me to level up!

My guilty pleasure is:

Like any gummy candy.

The most iconic product I use is:

Either my Super Smoothie Cleanser or Earth Cleanser. I really stand by both of our cleansers at ROSEN and feel they’re so innovative!

I like to squeeze in time to journal, draw, or do some sort of puzzle during the day.

Founder Rituals With Jamika Martin

To me, wellness is a catalyst for:

Happiness and peace.

Three things I would bring to a desert island are:

Assuming my essentials like oil and water are fulfilled, I’d bring:

  • a puzzle;
  • a knife, and;
  • a partner.

I like to bookend my day with:

Hot drinks: Coffee in the morning and tea at night.

You can find chapstick and eye drops (side effects of 2 rounds of Accutane) on my nightstand. 

A thought/quote I’m loving right now is:

“When everything is on top of the world, stay calm”

– Robert DeNiro


“Time is your ally, if all else, wait”

-Tom Hanks

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