RE: Day Trip -3 Ways To Get Out of L.A. For the Day.

There are so many reasons to love living in L.A. From weekly farmers markets, a coveted cafe culture, and access to the best of the best in just about any industry, LA provides amenities and activities that other city dwellers only dream about.

The other thing? It’s southern location makes it easy for nature lovers to get their fix right outside the city. Whether it’s a day of surfing, trail running, or exploring the desert – there are so many ways to get outside and get out of L.A.

Check out our favorite day trips outside of L.A., below.

Day 1: Malibu

Depending on where you live in L.A., the famous beaches of Malibu are only a short drive from the city. But once you’re there, it feels like a world away from the concrete jungle that is Los Angeles. So grab your longboard, a beachy umbrella, and a big towel, and you’ll have it made for a (socially distanced) day at the beach.

WOW Tip: Pack a personal cooler with water, Oli Pops (we’re partial to the strawberry cream soda after a surf), and plenty of snacks so you don’t have to leave when you get hungry. Also, don’t forget to wear a bikini under your wetsuit so you can enjoy the beach after your surf.

What To Wear For a Surf in Malibu

Malibu surfing guide

Day 2: Big Bear

A short 99 miles from Los Angeles, Big Bear Lake is a runner’s dream world. With so many trails to choose from, and the extra challenge of high altitude training, Big Bear is a great option for runners who want to get out of L.A. for the day.

WOW Tip: In the summer, Big Bear is also a haven for paddle boarding on the lake. So don’t forget to pack your bikini and a change of clothes.

What To Wear Trail Running in Big Bear

big bear trail running guide

Day 3: Joshua Tree

A quick two hour drive from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is a nature lover’s paradise. From bouldering, to hiking, to photography, there is a lot to see and do once you’re in the park. With so many trails to choose from and consistently good sunsets, it’s easy to spend the entire day here. Start your day at Joshua Tree Coffee Company for some of the freshest coffee in California and end it with a sunset stroll around Hidden Valley Trail.

WOW Tip: Fall, Winter, and Spring are the best times to hike Joshua Tree, as it gets dangerously hot in the summer months. If you’re going to go hiking in the summer, go in the evening.

What To Wear Exploring Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree style guide
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