The Best Eco-Friendly Furniture To Elevate Your Home

In the quest to reduce our environmental impact, the furniture and appliances in our homes are often overlooked. But aside from helping you become more sustainable, eco-friendly furniture can help to increase flow in your home – making day-to-day life more seamless and integrated.

Since we live with them, eco-friendly furniture needs to both functional and chic. Thus, our editors have rounded up our favorite sustainable home furnishings from around the web to help green your space.

1. Eco-Friendly Chairs

dining chair made of renewable wood


A sleek dining room chair made of renewable wood and recycled plastic.

2. A Timeless Sofa

Sustainable white sofa by Floyd furniture

Floyd Sofa

A timeless design made with materials that last, Floyd furniture is redefining what it means to be modern and sustainable.

3. Compost Chic

bamboo compost bin eco-friendly furniture

Bamboo Compost Bin

Biodegradable, compact, and chic, this bamboo compost bin will help you achieve your circular kitchen goals.

4. Smart Garden

smart herb garden

Smart Herb Garden

Cut down on plastic packaging waste and food waste by growing your own herbs, the smart way.

5. Reclaimed Pillows

reclaimed hemp pillows

Urban Renewal Pillow

Made with durable cotton and reclaimed hemp, each pillow is unique and brings a bohemian vibe to your home.

6. A Table That Lasts

sustainable table desk by Floyd furniture

Floyd Table Desk

Made to use as a table or a desk, this multi-functional piece is as versatile as it is durable.

7. One-Of-A-Kind Morroccan Rug

urban renewal moroccan rug

Urban Renewal Rug

Ethically sourced in Morocco, this one-of-a-kind rug is art for your floor.

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