Adaptogen Stacks and The Four Stages of Flow

Using Adaptogen Stacks To Obtain Flow

Here at West of Wild, we’re all about learning how to lean into various states of flow.

Being in a state of flow can help you move through your daily to-do list with more ease, open your mind to creative solutions, and help to develop resilience to the minutiae that is bound to disrupt your day. 

The Four States of Flow, Adaptogen Stacks, Steven Kotler

In The Rise of Superman, self proclaimed ‘flow junky’, Steven Kotler, breaks down the science behind achieving the enviable state of flow. In doing so, Kotler makes a significant point: that flow is just one step in a four-part flow cycle and it’s impossible to experience flow, without going through the other three steps. 

Adaptogen stacks, like FOCL’s Day and Night Supplements, can help you get through, (and get the most out), the four part flow cycle. By combining a carefully chosen roster of adaptogens, FOCL’s adaptogen stacks can help you maintain equilibrium in the face of environmental stress.  

The Four Stages of Flow

The first step in the four-part flow cycle is struggle.


Struggle is the loading phase. This is when we’re absorbing various inputs and external information.

This stage looks like:

  • fact gathering,
  • analysis,
  • physical training,
  • meditation,
  • concentrated study, etc. 

During the struggle cycle, chemical changes take place in the body to increase  focus and alertness. Tension and frustration are also bound to arise as the effort we are exerting seems unsustainable and our problems unsolvable. 

However, maintaining focus and a sense of calm is critical to getting through this phase and into the second stage of the flow cycle: release. 


Release simply means relaxing and taking your mind off the present problem for long enough to allow stress hormones to decline and feel-good chemicals to take their place. 

The FOCL DAY adaptogen stack can be helpful in both the struggle and subsequent release phase due to its doctor-formulated stack of adaptogens and amino acids, each of which was chosen for their brain boosting and focus enhancing abilities. 

FOCL Day Adaptogen Stack


Adaptogen Stack

The FOCL Day Adaptogen Stack contains:

  • L-Theanine – an amino acid that can help with focus and learning
  • Lions Mane – a mushroom that can help with cognitive function and stress resilience
  • Vitamin B – which can help to support mood regulation and memory, and
  • Premium Hemp CBD – which can help to combat stress and support balance

By maintaining an attentive yet relaxed mind, you’re better equipped to absorb various inputs and move more seamlessly from the struggle phase into the release phase. 


After the release phase, comes the flow phase: moments in time where your mind and body are seamlessly integrated.

Resulting in intuitive action, original thought, and total absorption in the present moment. 

The flow stage is what makes the struggle worthwhile. This is when analytical thinking is replaced by intuitive knowing. However, to keep one’s ego in check (humility is also critical to flow), it’s important to note that this intuitive knowing and resulting original action is not done by you, it’s done through you.

Thus why some authors describe the flow state as a fleeting connection to the divine and universal energy that is always present yet rarely accessible.

In other words, while in flow, the quantum world has a brief opportunity to express itself through you and the results are often original, previously unimaginable, and otherwise out of this world.


Finally, we have the recovery phase where rest and re-grouping is key. In today’s world, taking time to let your body and mind recover from a heightened state of action and awareness is crucial to avoiding burnout.

Recovery can take the form of:

  • rest,
  • self-care, and
  • mind and body nourishment. 

However, for most high performers, getting a good night’s sleep and taking time to do nothing is easier said than done.

This is where the FOCL Night adaptogen stack, formulated to help you achieve high quality sleep, can come in handy. 

FOCL Night Adaptogen Stack

FOCL Night

Adaptogen Stack

The FOCL NIGHT Adaptogen Stack contains: 

  •  Ashwaganda: can help to promote a calm body and mind
  • Purple Passion flower: can help to reduce mild anxiety and insomnia
  • 5-HTP- an amino acid that can help to produce serotonin and increase natural melatonin
  • Premium Hemp CBD – which can help to combat stress, anxiety, and support balance

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