Seven Ways To Wear Your Zodiac Sign

Obsessed with astrology? Love reminding yourself of your connection to the sun, moon, planets, and stars? If the answer is yes, then this list is for you. What better way to reveal your connection to the universe than to wear it.

How To Wear Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve got you covered with our guide on totally new ways to wear your star sign. I.e., a sparkling zodiac necklace handcrafted from ethical gold or an eco-friendly wetsuit dotted with astrological creatures.  Below, we reveal the designers of these cosmic inspired pieces. And let you in on how to (ethically) wear your zodiac sign.

1. Chupi – Zodiac Star Signs Necklace

how to wear your zodiac sign - ethical gold necklace

Zodiac Star Signs Necklace


Handcrafted with Ethical Gold

Handcrafted by a small team of artisans in Ireland using ethical gold and conflict free stones, Chupi’s designs are uber sparkly, whimsical creations inspired by Ireland’s wild landscape. Founded by Chupi Sweetman, a former designer with Top Shop, the brand now ships their ethically made heirlooms to 64 countries around the world.

A fan of astrology, herself, Chupi Sweetman created an entire collection of zodiac necklaces that are anything but basic. In the Zodiac Star Signs Collection, each necklace is cast from an original Greek or Roman coin. Ancient coins are a significant reference for the designer and you can learn about the story behind each coin on their website.

If you can’t invest in a solid gold piece just yet, Chupi has an amazing upgrade program. Use the upgrade program to turn in your gold plated piece. The gold-plated piece is recycled back into their supply chain and your upgraded to a solid gold piece.

2. Cynthia Rowley – Zodiac Wetsuit

eco-friendly wetsuit - cynthia rowley zodiac wetsuit

Zodiac Wetsuit

Cynthia Rowley

Made in small batches with recycled materials

Cynthia Rowley’s production process is built on the ethos of sustainability. Unlike fast fashion houses, the brand produces very limited quantities of each style. This means that once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good.  Limited quantity production runs help to avoid unnecessary waste and excess inventory.

To add to their sustainability efforts, the brand’s coveted wetsuits and neoprene swimwear are produced using recycled materials and green technology for a gentler environmental impact. But aside from her efforts towards environmental sustainability, Cynthia Rowley’s mission is rooted in women’s empowerment. Signature pieces are designed to inspire women everywhere to take risks and live life fearlessly.

A glittering example of this is the brand’s Zodiac Wetsuit: a chic spring suit dotted with zodiac-inspired creatures.  The whimsical Zodiac Wetsuit is sure to spark conversation in the water. Made using green technology, earth mined limestone, and recycled post-consumer waste materials, the Zodiac Wetsuit is much more eco-friendly than the majority of wetsuits on the market.

3. Hayley Menzies – Superstar Struck Scrunchie

how to wear your zodiac sign - guide

Superstar Struck Scrunchie

Hayley Menzies

Made from waste fabric

From London Fashion School to selling curated vintage items at the Portobello Market, Hayley Menzies label was born on the ethos of creating long-lasting treasures women can cherish for the long haul. The London-based designer actually hand draws each print in the collection herself. An extremely rare feat in the fashion industry these days.  Once drawn, the label brings pieces to life in a mother-daughter run factory in Romania.  Hayley Menzies newest collection, Enchanted Universe, is inspired by the cosmos will have you feeling like a real-life goddess.

The Superstar Struck  Scrunchie is no exception. Made from waste fabric so that no material goes unused, the 90’s era inspired scrunchie is made from 100% crepe de chine. They feature an elastic inner and soft silk finish, to keeps hair shiny and free of annoying creases.

4. Vanessa Lianne – Zodiac Signet Ring

ethical zodiac jewelry - vanessa lianne

Zodiac Signet Ring

Vanessa Lianne

Hand-forged using 100% recycled metals

Hand-forged by the founder herself, each piece of Vanessa Lianne’s eponymous line is created with a signature craftsmanship in her Brooklyn studio. Each piece is made using 100% recycled metals, ethically sourced natural stones, and reclaimed diamonds sourced through vendors that adhere to the Kimberly Process. A far cry from mass-produced cookie cutter jewelry, the pieces in Vanessa Lianne’s collection are both delicate and organic. They feature subtle details, quirky shapes, and intricately placed stones.

Her collection of Zodiac Signet pinky rings are so subtle and chic, you might be tempted to collect all the signs from your birth chart. Made using recycled silver, each ring is custom made and takes 3-4 weeks to create. Crafted to remind yourself of your inner strength, Vanessa Lianne’s zodiac inspired pinky rings are the most understated way to wear your sign on our list.

5. Lack Of Color – Zodiac Hat

lack of color zodiac hat, how to wear zodiac sign.

Zodiac Hat

Lack Of Color

Handmade by skilled artisans

Handmade in various places around the world by skilled artisan groups, Lack of Color hats make sun protection look cool. And their Zodiac Hat is no exception. In an effort towards sustainability, all materials used by the brand are responsibly sourced: The straw and palm used for their straw hats is sustainably grown and the wool used for their wool hats are 100% Australian. In an effort to reduce their environmental footprint, the company’s HQ in Burleigh Heads is run on solar power. All orders are shipped out in 100% recycled cardboard boxes and their product tags are made from 100% recycled paper.

Made with 100% Australian wool, Lack of Color’s Zodiac Hat is a vintage inspired classic that protects your face from the sun. It’s cosmic inspired blue zodiac ribbon wraps around the black wool to add a unique flare to its classic shape.

6.  Love is a Project – Love Signs Horoscope Bracelets

love is a project ethical horoscope bracelet

Horoscope Bracelet

Love is a Project

Made by female artisans

Founded by Chrissie Lam, a veteran of the corporate fashion world, Love is a Project is a truly empowering brand. What began with a single bracelet, handcrafted by a group of women in the Maasai tribe in Kenya, has become a worldwide effort to spread the Love. With each bracelet sold, Love Is Project fulfills its mission of empowering thousands of female artisans in developing countries around the world through fair wages, healthcare, and education.

Their vibrant Love Signs Horoscopes Bracelets are made from Bali seed beads and serve as a powerful reminder of your ties to the universe. Each zodiac sign is represented by a different power color and is designed to root you in your own unique energy. These bracelets are made for stacking, so you can rock the multiple signs present in your chart.

7. Cloud-hunter – Zodiac Sign Necklace

Known for their minimalist designs that are simple, yet sophisticated, Cloud-hunter has secured its place in the fashion world as a verifiable cool-girl’s brand. Raised back and forth between Hawaii and California, Cloud-hunter’s founder, Megan Pearl is passionate about preserving the ethical and sustainable aspects of the brand.  Well-fitted silk dresses are sourced from deadstock and vintage warehouses in Downtown Los Angeles; production runs are limited and all clothing is sewn in small batches to reduce waste; and, the brand makes a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing waste in their own production and re-purposing the waste of other labels.

Their Zodiac Star Sign Necklaces employ the brand’s signature minimalist style. They are handmade in LA with 22k gold vermeil. Available in every sign, you might be tempted to layer your sun sign, with your moon sign, or rising sign. Each necklace comes packaged with a Zodiac card in a velvet snap pouch perfect to use with other jewelry too in your purse.

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