RE: A Climate Positive Closet – How To Develop Iconic Style

If this pandemic has given us anything, it’s time. Time to reevaluate how we exist in the world; time to evaluate how we spend our time; time to evaluate how we spend our money; and time to evaluate the relationships we give our attention to.

The pandemic has also shown us how inter-connected we are, how no café is an island, and how we all depend on each other to meet our basic needs.

The End of Fast Fashion?

As the industry of fast fashion has, for decades, been dependent on our never ending to-do list of places to go and people to see, now that the world has come to a halt, it’s more apparent than ever that this is an industry the world can happily live without. It seems that when we take the time to slow down and focus on what’s important, fast, trendy fashion suffers huge losses – because we’re simply realizing that we don’t need it: we don’t need to keep up with the Jones’; we don’t need to have the latest trendy top; and we don’t need to be wearing a new outfit every time we post to instagram.

The Pitfalls of Fast Fashion

Thus, the pandemic has shown a huge spotlight on the pitfalls of fast fashion: from extremely questionable labor practices, to environmental degradation, to poorly-made garments, to the excessive waste that occurs at fashion weeks around the world. Not to mention the excessive discrepancies between model salaries and the wage made by women who make clothes. It’s clear that fast fashion keeps both consumers and garment makers trapped in a vicious cycle of want and destitution, respectively.

If Fast Fashion is Out, Then What is In?

At West of Wild, we believe the answer is style.

Developing an iconic style means you’re investing in fewer, higher quality pieces that you’re going to wear for years to come. And developing style can help lift both consumers and garment makers  out of the trap of fashion fashion.

To quote one of our favorite movies:

“Style is the only constant in life.”

Red 2

A huge bonus is that developing an iconic style can also help your closet become more climate positive.

Developing Your Own Iconic Style

As lovers of fashion, it can seem impossible to reconcile a love of beautiful clothes with a desire for sustainability. But, what if these two things weren’t as contradictory as we once thought? Is developing your personal style, with an emphasis on high quality items that will stand the test of time – the ultimate expression of sustainability?

Being Climate Positive In The Fashion Industry

Here at West of Wild, we believe there are multiple aspects of sustainability, or more accurately, climate positivity, when it comes to the clothes we wear. From supporting labels that produce iconic styles in small batches, to supporting labels that create their garments with eco-friendly materials; buying from responsible businesses is a significant element of developing climate positive style.

However, one of the most underrated things you can do to develop a climate positive wardrobe is to buy well-made items that are true to your style. If you buy quality items you love, the theory is that you will keep those items in play longer – and end up buying fewer things.

Developing Iconic Style

On the way to developing your own style, it may be helpful to study style icons that are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago. Then, put your own personal spin on it. Once you have your own iconic vision in mind, you can start investing in high quality pieces that can be seamlessly mixed and matched.

The primary tenant of iconic style is investing in high-quality, timeless pieces that will last more than a season; elevating your style to the next level and keeping items in use longer.

West of Wild

Style Takes Consistency

In order to be iconic, you have to be you. Because you don’t change (too much) with every season, this means you have to be repetitive.

If you study some of the style icons from the sixties and seventies, you’ll notice they all have a certain ‘look’. And while their clothes may change from day to day, they always look like themselves. This consistency is an essential tenant of developing personal style and also happens to be crucial element of sustainability.

How To Create an Iconic Style:

  • Study icons whose style is timeless.
  • Put your own personal spin on it.
  • Invest in high quality pieces, that are made responsibly.
  • Be consistent with your look.

By putting the development of your personal style above the need to chase trends, you not only elevate your look above the typical spectrum; at the end of the day, you end up with quality items you can mix and match seamlessly over time.

You may even end up with a beautiful wardrobe you can pass on to the next generation – and what’s more sustainable than that?

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