Founder Rituals: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Kava with Jodie Cegelski

In our new series: Founder Rituals, our editors ask our favorite founders about their daily routines and rituals. This month, see how herbalist Jodie Cegelski, founder of The Humming Co., answered all of our most pressing questions our Founders Ritual Quiz.

Hint, her current rituals include: meditation, mindfulness, herbs, and the occasional glass of earthy red wine.

jodie cegelski top wellness rituals

Name: Jodie Cegelski

Industry: Wellness

Company: The Humming Co

I do/ don’t use an alarm to wake up:

As of quarantine, I am no longer using an alarm. Allowing my body to get deep rest and it feels so good!

I start my day by:

  • 30 mins of transcendental meditation
  • Light yoga, and
  • Straight to my infusion to fill my body with nourishing herbs

The best self-care advice I’ve gotten is:

To constantly ask the question:

“what is most nourishing in this moment?”

That is the work of the wise woman. To nourish the body. Not to deplete, withdraw or push, but to nourish.

My hidden talent is:

Since working with the plant kingdom, I get messages from the plants when they need to work with someone. To my surprise, it always resonates.

I’m currently reading:

Women Food and God, by Geneen Roth.

Her words are medicine and Im feeling a shift in my energy from this book.

My guilty pleasure is:

My family is in the wine industry, so I’m a sucker for an earthy glass of red.

The most iconic product I use is:

I like to squeeze in a sauna session__ during the day.

the best wellness rituals

To me, wellness is a catalyst for:

Attuning to your true essence, which is loving. And in doing the work, we can the identify our triggers or when our peace is disturbed.

Anything that shifts us from our true state of being, loving, is an opportunity to dive into the work.

The “work” and wellness is ongoing.

Three things I would bring to a desert island are:

  • A book on edible plants or how to survive on an island????
  • A speaker, with a playlist of all of my best dancing music, and
  • A paddle board

I like to bookend my day with:

  • Self massage (Abhyanga)
  • A cup of kava kava cocoa or vervain
  • Journaling or reading

You can find __a book, my handcrafted abhyanga body oil, and palo Santo (only lit on special occasions❤️) on my nightstand.

A thought/quote I’m loving right now is:

I’m noticing a lot of people pushing towards production during a time that is meant for rest and I continue to remind my self and others, especially during this time.

“We are not human doings, we are human beings.”

It’s silly, but it slows me down and serves as a gentle reminder.

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