Founder Rituals: Iconic Rosewater, Pups, and Buttery Popcorn with Sarabeth Perry.

In our new series: Founder Rituals, our editors ask our favorite founders about their daily routines and rituals. This week, see how Sarabeth Perry, co-founder of Bace Collective, starts and ends her day in our Founders Ritual Quiz.

Hint, her current rituals include: quality time with her pup, iconic rose water, and homemade buttery popcorn.

Founder Rituals With Sarabeth Perry of Bace Collective CBD

Name: Sarabeth Perry

Industry: Hemp & Cannabis

Company: Bace

I do/ don’t use an alarm to wake up.


I start my day by:

Taking my dog to off-leash hours to see her friends.

The best self-care advice I’ve gotten is:

“If you don’t like something, change it.”

My hidden talent is:

I can narrate any situation into a commercial-worthy jingle. 

A woman who is inspiring me right now is:

The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

My guilty pleasure is:

Homemade buttery popcorn. 

The most iconic product I use is:

Organic Bulgarian Rose Water Facial Mist.

I like to squeeze in a FaceTime call with my sister during the day.

Founder Rituals with Sarabeth Perry of Bace Collective

To me, wellness is a catalyst for:

Being a kinder, more vibrant version of me. 

Three things I would bring to a desert island are:

  • My camping knife;
  • A tent, and;
  • First aid equipment. 

I like to bookend my day with:

Laying on my back massager for an hour and drinking my Sleepy Time tea.

You can find contact solution on my nightstand. 

A thought/quote I’m loving right now is:

“He who has health has hope. And he who has hope has everything.” 

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