RE: Pangaia – IG’s Favorite Eco-Friendly Sweats

As of March 2020, social media usage has risen more than 40% worldwide. Because we are all being asked to stay home for the health and safety of our global community, this statistic isn’t too surprising. But if you’ve been spending more time on instagram these days, you’ve probably seen a few of your favorite influencers rocking a colorful sweatsuit. Numerous e-commerce companies create colorful hoodies and sweats. But there’s one brand of IG worthy loungewear that’s a cut above the rest: meet Pangaia.

Pangaia's ecofriendly sweats and tracksuits have caught the eye of fashion's biggest influencers.

Why Is Every Influencer Obsessed With Pangaia?

Pangaia makes recycled tracksuits in a wide range of colors: from eye-popping  colorways like flamingo pink, orchid purple, and cobalt blue. To more soothing colorways like terracotta, sakura, and stone. But if you want your choice of color, you’ll have to keep an eye out for new drops and act fast. Because these tracksuits sell out within minutes.

Pangaia’s Eco-Friendly Sweatpants

The name Pangaia is a play on two separate words:

  • Pan: all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion, and;
  • Gaia: Mother Earth.

Pangaia offers their tracksuits directly to consumers via their website. But they are much more than your average e-commerce company. They’re also a materials science company, making significant breakthroughs in the world of textile manufacturing.

Environmentally Friendly Fashion

Every technology the companny works with aims to provide a solution to the multitude of  environmental issues caused by the fashion industry. Pangaia goes a step further by making their technologies and materials available to companies across different industries – multiplying their environmental impact.  

Pangaia's eco-friendly sweatsuits and tracksuits are made from recycled materials.

We’ve seen everyone from German fashion blogger Leonie Hanne to supermodel Nadine Leopold rocking a Pangaia sweatsuit. While Nadine went for a primary color way with the tracksuit in cobalt blue, Leonie went for a more subdued look with the tracksuit in Sand.

Pangaia’s Recycled Tracksuits

But aside from their community-focused mission and famous following, Pangaia is also a responsible company that produces clothing an ethical manner. Their tracksuits are made of post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles. The result? Super soft fabric that’s feels great on your skin.

Eco-Friendly Dye

They also make an environmentally friendly dye collection. (Which includes Nadine’s cobalt blue tracksuit).  For this collection, Pangaia uses a dye process with low water consumption and treatment of textile effluents. Their aim is to reuse water during the washing processes. Resulting in a more sustainable, ‘environmentally friendly’ process that uses low toxicity products and promotes low water consumption. Needless to say, we’re a little obsessed too.

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