HIIT Might Be The Best Workout To “Reverse Aging”

WOW Factor: Scientists have discovered that a certain type of exercise helps our cells combat the adverse effects of aging.

What You Need to Know: High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is the best workout when it comes to reversing certain adverse effects of aging.

HIIT workout longevity

We all know that working out is good for us. But just how good exactly? Science is only just starting to understand. Below we break down what researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found about the effects of working out on both a metabolic and molecular level.

Benefits of Working Out Regularly

By now it’s been well established that working out regularly has multiple benefits for your mind and body. Specifically, working out regularly can:

  • Improve your mental health and mood;
  • Keep your brain sharp;
  • Improve your sleep; and,
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles.

Here at WOW, we also see consistent exercise as a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that continually gets us out of the house; out of our comfort zones; and, into the wild.

But if all these reasons aren’t motivating enough to get you off the gram and into a workout routine, current research shows there’s a new reason to start your training program: anti-aging. Specifically, researchers have found that certain forms of exercise may help to reverse the aging process in adults.

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A New Reason To Hit The Gym: Anti-Aging

So what type of exercise is the best for anti-aging? According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, high intensity interval training (also know as HIIT) was shown to have the most significant results when it comes to reversing certain adverse effects of aging.

HIIT Confers Benefits At A Cellular Level

In the study, researchers compared HIIT, resistance training, and combination training in order to analyze which type of workout had the largest effect on cellular function.

After analyzing the metabolic and molecular changes in a group of adults over a period of 12 weeks, researchers found that HIIT conferred the most benefits at both the metabolic and molecular level. A senior researcher involved in the study noted that high-intensity interval training reversed some manifestations of aging in the body’s protein function. This is significant as mitochondrial cellular function generally declines as we get older.

How Do You HIIT?

Luckily for us, high intensity interval training can be done just about anywhere. From the living room, to the park, to your neighborhood gym -HIIT workouts are extremely customizable and can be done in a variety of ways.

The key is to incorporate longer periods of high intensity (think high knees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, mountain climbers) with shorter periods of rest.

HIIT anti-aging workout

For example, one type of HIIT workout would involve doing an activity that raises your heart rate for 40 seconds, followed by an activity that lowers your heart rate for 20 seconds. This 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off combination is repeated 5-7 times to complete one set. After each set, you give yourself a minute of recovery before moving on to the next set, and try to do as many sets as you can.

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