HEARD ON IG: Sierra Quitiquit’s Tips for An Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Sierra Quitiquit is one of our favorite influencers to follow on IG for multiple reasons. First off, she is a bad-ass skier and always leaves us craving some time in the mountains. Secondly, she is a passionate environmental activist that leads with positivity and love. She recently took to instagram to share her tips for creating an eco-friendly wardrobe and we are so here for it.

As always, Sierra leads with a positive approach to climate change and shared helpful tips that anyone can start implementing into their everyday life. The best part? Not only will these small habit changes help you create a more eco-friendly wardrobe, they can also save you some cash money.

Sierra quitquit environmental activist
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Climate Positivity > Sustainability

If we can’t reach the lofty goal of sustainability in the fashion industry (at least not yet), we can collectively decide to move in that direction. That’s where climate positivity, and its underlying message of hope, comes in.

Due to its soft malleability and joy-giving characteristics, Climate Positivity has the potential to play a significant role in mobilizing brands and consumers towards a more sustainable industry. Even if we can’t reach it just yet.

We are huge fans of the positive and hope-giving approach to changing the fashion industry and we love hearing Sierra’s thoughts on how brands and consumers can take small steps towards becoming more earth-friendly.

Building An Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Sierra recently posted 5 tips on her instagram page for people that want to create more eco-friendly habits when it comes to their wardrobe.

Read all of Sierra’s tips, below:

Sierra Quitiquit’s Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

sierra quitiquit eco-friendly wardrobe guide
Photo Source: @sierra

“don’t be afraid to wear, re-wear, and keep wearing an item”

Sierra Quitquit

This is one of our favorite pieces of advice, since it doesn’t cost a thing to implement. Wearing the clothes you already own, and for-going purchasing a new outfit for every occasion will actually save you money. As an example, Sierra explains that she has worn the same dress to multiple weddings since she was 16 – and no one has said anything.

“choose natural fibers such as wool, hemp, or organic cotton instead of polyester, lycra or nylon”

Sierra Quitquit

Sierra points out that synthetic fibers break down in the wash and ultimately end up in our waterways and oceans. You can read more about the leaching of micro-plastic here and discover swimwear made with natural fibers, here.

Only wash your clothes when you need to, use non-toxic detergent, and wash on cold.

Washing your clothes less, simply means less shedding of fibers and micro-plastics into our waterways- this habit should also help your clothes last longer. The use of non-toxic detergents means less toxic chemicals will be created and ultimately disposed of. We love the eco-friendly laundry and fabric care made by The Laundress.

“Shop vintage, resell the items you don’t wear, participate in clothing swaps and don’t be afraid to borrow or rent instead of buying”

Sierra Quitquit

We are huge fans of shopping for vintage clothing, some of our favorite vintage stores are:

  • Reformation Vintage Store, West Hollywood
  • Moonstone Vintage LA
  • The Vintage Riot, NYC

Buy fewer, higher quality pieces that you’ll love for a long time.

This is probably our favorite piece of advice for a couple of reasons. Buying fewer, quality pieces and staying away from trends is not only good for the planet, it can also help you develop your personal style. While it may be more expensive to buy higher quality items, you will cherish your clothes longer, and build a wardrobe you are truly proud of over time.

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