Boho Vibes: The Magic Of Hemp Swimwear

The unfortunate truth for us ocean lovers is that swimwear, in general, is not good for the environment. This is because swimwear is generally made with synthetic fabrics like nylon, spandex, and polyester. These types of synthetic fabrics are not biodegradable and shed microplastics into our oceans and waterways -where they may be ingested by the fish and bi-valves we eat. 

Thus, many responsible brands are looking for ways be more sustainable in the creation of their swimwear. One way they are doing it is through the use of recycled plastics.

The use of recycled plastics is definitely a step in the right direction as far as swimwear manufacturing goes, but it’s far from a perfect solution. And pretty much every type of fabric is going to have its own set of draw-backs if you trace it back far enough.

Conscious Consumerism

However, we still have to surf, swim, and enjoy our lives. And while it’s not currently realistic to give up the use of synthetic swimwear altogether, there are ways you can lessen the impact of your swim, such as:

  • Buying swimwear that is well-made and durable (so you can wear it longer)
  • Hand-washing your bikini gently
  • Using a Guppyfriend Bag or similar bag in the wash
  • Buying from responsible businesses
  • Buying fewer, higher quality pieces

The Impact Of The Swimwear Industry

With the US swimwear market reaching heights of 18.85 billion dollars in 2018, and expected to grow to 29.1 billion by 2025, the plastic pollution caused by swimwear, is not to be overlooked.

However, there are now alternatives to swimwear made with synthetic materials.  Meet Natasha Tonic, the LA designer who is setting out to change the fabric of the swim industry, as we know it -literally.

Her eponymous brand creates bohemian inspired one pieces and bikinis from hemp fibers and low impact organic dyes. If you’ve never heard of Hemp Swimwear, you’re not alone. Bikinis made from hemp fibers are only just starting to hit the mainstream. And we’re here to let you in on the magic of Natasha’s super chic hemp fiber bikinis.

The Magic Of Hemp Swimwear

Hemp Swimwear is naturally antimicrobial, UV resistant, and durable. Which means the fabric doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals some companies use to make synthetic fabrics anti-microbial, UV resistant, and chlorine resistant.

The best thing about her suits? They are ultra flattering and designed in classic silhouettes that will last much longer than a single season.

Natasha Tonic’s Hemp Fiber Swimwear

Our favorite piece in Natasha’s collection is the Golden Bikini, which features a luxe gold hemp print on uber soft black hemp fabric.

This is a true artisan piece as Natasha Tonic herself put pencil to paper to draw the print, created the screen print by hand, and preformed the Photoshop distortion and color manipulation. Then she preformed the transformation to fit fabric width and set for closed loop printing system with recycled water. Lastly, she hand cut the fabric so that the design would be placed perfectly while reducing fabric waste. 

Needless to say, if you’re looking a more eco-friendly bikini, and want to support a designer that’s truly a master of her craft,  then Natasha Tonic’s hemp swimwear is the perfect choice for you.

While not a perfect solution, her hemp swimwear can help you to reduce your environmental impact. And, look great while doing it.

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