What To Pack: Skiing in Big Sky, Montana

Montana is a true winter wonderland. But it’s consistently good snow also means consistently cold temperatures. Our editor’s traveled to the snow covered cowboy country to find out what the locals really wear so you’ll know exactly what to pack for the ultimate Montana getaway.

what to wear in big sky montana
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Skiing in Montana, Packing Essentials

From braving one of the biggest ski hills in the country, to dining out at unexpectedly authentic Italian restaurants, it’s important to travel with everything you need to get out and about in Big Sky-even in the colder months.

ski trip packing list

Due to Montana’s position just south of the Canadian border, Big Sky steers (much) colder than other ski towns in the winter. For that reason, it’s important to bring seriously warm and waterproof gear.  Below, we’ve laid out our must have items for Big Sky, Montana.

What To Pack: Big Sky, Montana

winter packing list

Ski Essentials

  1. Perfect Moment Ski Suit
  2. Wool Blend Base Layer
  3. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Googles
  4. Hestra Extra Warm Gloves
what to pack for montana

Lounge Essentials

  1. Wool Pants
  2. Chelsea Boots
  3. Cashmere Sweater
  4. Wool Trench
what to pack for big sky montana

Town Essentials:

  1. Long Puffer
  2. Beanie
  3. Insulated Boots
  4. Corduroy Flares
  5. Ribbed Turtleneck

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