The Silk Pajamas We’ll Be Wearing All Year Long

Picture this, you just got home from [insert tiresome activity] and you want to change out of your outfit into something a little more comfortable. Unfortunately, your ‘comfy’ set of clothes hasn’t changed much since college and your still reaching for your boyfriend’s old tees and boxer briefs. Once cozy-fied (we’re pretty sure that’s a verb) you walk past a mirror in your house…and instead of seeing the chic woman you are, your met with a slightly less pleasing sight.

The Beginning Of A Sustainable Sleepwear Brand

Well, this is where Ashley Merill, Founder and CEO of sleepwear brand, Lunya, found herself before deciding to reinvent the modern woman’s in-home wardrobe.  In her words, she had “let the wheels fall off” on her wind-down routine and she was ready for a chic upgrade.

If this sounds like you (it was definitely us!) her new line of silk pajamas is just what you need. Merill’s luxurious line will help you put the wheels back on again -and then some.

Silk Pajamas – Reimagined

Designed to keep you comfortable and chic during your beauty sleep, Lunya has reimagined what silk pajamas should be and delivers on both fronts.  The label’s minimalist pieces employ thoughtful design that you don’t really notice. Her design keeps straps from slipping, panties from riding, and material that keeps you cool, even when things get hot.

Lunya pink silk pajama set

Quality Sleepwear Made To Last

With a focus on using predominantly natural fibers, employing lasting construction techniques and high quality finishes, Lunya is a sleepwear label that feels good on and is better for the environment too. We love how it leaves us feeling polished from sunset to sunrise. Helping us to wake up refreshed and glowing with positive vibes.

From washable silk t-shirts to luxurious sleep masks, Lunya’s environmentally conscious collection has all your sleepwear needs covered. And our WOW editors have since found it hard to shop for sleepwear anywhere else. Yet as we head into fall, it’s the cozy Alpaca section of the store that we are most drawn to.

Think knit pullovers, pants, leggings, and long cardigans galore. All made with thermoregulating and hypoallergenic alpaca wool.  We also love their silk scrunchies and pillowcases for extra luxe vibes followed by good hair days.

You can currently shop their collection online or in one of their few concept retail spaces.

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