Workout Routine: A Runner’s Secrets To Getting Out The Door

The hardest part about staying consistent in your workout routine is getting yourself out the door and onto the mat, trail, or board. This is especially true when you are feeling unmotivated and sluggish. 

So what’s the secret to getting out the door, even when you don’t feel like working out?

Well, we asked one of our editors, a former DI athlete, for her secret to getting out the door on time. Below she shares how to turn any ‘run’ into ‘fun’.

Sticking To Your Workout Routine

We all wish we could feel 100% at all times, but that simply isn’t the case. Many of us experience highs and lows throughout the seasons. Plus, our self-imposed workout seems like an easy date to flake on when we’re having a rough day.

But generally, once we actually arrive on the mat, onto our favorite running trail, or on our board, we feel a million times better. 

workout routine essentials

It’s comforting to know that even seasoned runners have days where they don’t want to put their running shoes on. Yet somehow, they still manage to get their daily fix. So how do they do it?

Below, our runner/editor extraordinaire her favorite tricks for getting out the door:

Curate A ‘Getting Ready’ Playlist As Part Of Your Workout Routine

Music is a huge motivater for me, and I make playlists on my iPhone all the time.  Most people wait until they get outside to turn on their iPod, but I like to have an upbeat playlist ready to go as I start the process of getting ready.

That way, any negative thoughts or excuses are replaced with tunes that get you in the mood to be your best self.

Stock Up On Running Gear You Can Get Excited About. 

“When you look good, you just feel better. Having a running outfit that you look forward to wearing is a must. I like to wear something that’s chic, comfortable, not too constricting, and suitable for the current weather.”

“I love adding a pop of color. Like a hot pink sports bra, or a tie-dye running shirt to mix up my usual black on black ensemble.”

Have Fun With Your Running Shoe Collection.

“Not only do good running shoes protect your joints from the wear and tear of the road – they’re uncanny resemblance to chunky ‘dad sneakers’ currently make them a fashion statement.

I love looking for collaboration styles from my favorite brands that are exclusive to a season or store. I’m currently obsessed with Hokas for long distance training. They are by far the most supportive and cushiony shoe I’ve owned.

Putting on super cool shoes helps to spark that joy that I need sometimes to get out the door”

Stock Your Fridge With Pre-And Post Run “Treats”

If I’m in-between meals and need a little extra boost to get me out of the door, I’ll ‘treat’ myself to a healthy raw morsel of some kind while I’m getting ready.

It could be a goji berry date ball, a dark chocolate oatmeal square, or a chlorella mint cacao ball. As long as it’s filled with energy giving foods that are easy to digest. 

This treat helps me start the ‘getting ready for a run’ process off on a positive foot. Plus it provides me with a little energy boost. I also make sure my fridge is stocked with everything I need to make a delicious and nourishing smoothie when I get home.

Right now I’m loving vanilla pea protein. I blend it with mac nut milk, a frozen banana, half an avocado, a heaping spoonful of raw almond butter, a teaspoon of cacao, and a few drops of liquid stevia. And, voila, a nourishing smoothie that tastes like a chocolate almond butter desert. 

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