Women Owned Labels You Need To Know About

At WOW, our goal is to bring awareness to the women owned labels doing their part to change the world. Through the art of clothing design, small batch production, and a thoughtful supply chain, these women are changing the game of fashion for the better.

Women Owned Labels That Care About Your Individuality, And The Planet.

Why spend your hard earned cash on something that’s produced in unsafe factories for the masses when you could get something exclusive, collectable, and better for the planet?

To help, we’ve rounded up a few of our go-to women owned and operated labels.

These women make really cool clothes in small batch quantities and safe family-run factories. And we think that’s pretty cool.

women owned label jessica russell flint

Plus, the quality and style of these items are so good, you’ll actually want to take care of them and wear them over and over again. 

Here are our favorite women owned labels making our IG feeds more beautiful. 

Jessica Russell Flint

JRF is a true artist in every sense of the word. And the clothing from her label is vraiment cool.  An illustrator and designer, JRF creates hand drawn pieces that range from accessories to ready to wear.

The ethos of her brand is to make the most of life, embrace color, and think outside the box. Plus, all of her items are limited edition.

This means anything you procure from JRF is one of a very small number of pieces and you’ll never end up with something mass produced.  

KKCO Studio

For an edgy cool girl vibe, look no further than LA designed and made KKCO. Focusing on individuality and walking the line between sport and special occasion, a piece from this eclectic collection is sure to elevate your look.

Plus, this label is so new, just being aware of it can boost your style savvy.

All of their hand sewn garments are made in their design studio in LA. Plus, the pieces are offered at wholesale price point to further their mission of promoting sustainable design that last for years to come.

The lower quantity collections, help to reduce fashion waste associated with mass production. All good things for you and for the planet.  

Haley Menzies 

From London Fashion School to selling curated vintage items at the Portobello Market, Hayley Menzies label was born on the values of creating long-lasting treasures that women cherish for the long haul.

We love that the designer creates her own designs and prints in West London. She actually hand draws each print herself, which is rare in the fashion game these days. 

Once drawn, the label brings pieces to life in a mother-daughter run factory in Romania.

We love this label for many reasons. But, one of the main reasons we love this designer is because she works so closely with her production team to reduce environmental impact. Plus her hunter-gatherer style, which draws on everything from vintage, to global travel, to house parties, is undeniably cool.

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